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Thursday, March 11, 2010

different fren that i never had!

burung ape tu????Whether the day is good or bad,
Whether I'm feeling happy or sad,
If I have a need, you’ll comprehend;
You’ll be there to share and be a friend.
Other people may fill my day,
But never in such an important way;
We support each other ‘round all life’s bends,
It feels so good that we are friends.
                                                   Pure Delight
cehhh masuk majalah!!!It's such a pleasure and a joy
To have a friend like you.
You always care, you're always there,
You say the right things, too!
You make me smile when I am low
You're just a pure delight.
We talk a lot about everything;
You make my life so bright!
I hope that I am giving you
Some joy and happiness,
Because you mean so much to me,
More than I can express!
My Giving Friend
We share so much of our lives
Our joy and also our pain.
Without you as my friend,
I just might go insane!
You know what I’m talking about;
You’ve been through big things, too.
Yet you cheer me when I’m happy,
You comfort me when I’m blue.
takutnyerrrrrrrrrrYour giving does not go unnoticed;
I’d be lost without you, friend.
What we have together
No one else can comprehend.

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